Written by Janiece Renee

Inspired by Carvens Lissaint

If praise is to say or to write good things about someone or something then let us praise the woman
Praise the way she too is Kodak of God
How her skin is really a book of prayers
Praise the way she prays every time she breathes the breath of life in her praise
Praise every curve that is and isn’t hourglass perfect
Praise the way the body isn’t perfect
The way our bodies speak the same language as Calvary
We too know what it means to shed life-giving blood
Praise the womb and its ability to make a home of itself the way the heart makes a home of wherever its habitation be
I mean, isn’t your home where your heart is?
Praise the voice and how it severs the silence they have made of us
Split history open like a wound just long enough to lift our sisters out of the sickness called tradition
Praise the montage of women who were women before being a woman was ever called human
Praise the human and the way we wear it on our outfits
Unafraid of what makes us alive
Praise the makeup that makes up these hymnals we call body
The way we make art of estrogen, like a feminist Picasso
Praise the wife.
Praise the mother.
Praise the sister.
Praise the daughter.
Praise the woman who’s still figuring out the woman looking back at her in the morning
Before she has to go back out into the world and do it all again
Praise the womanhood and the band of sisters we have been born into
Praise the similarities
Praise the differences
Praise God for His creativity
How He made sure to show off a little in the garden when He made Eve
When He created woman
Praise the woman
And be sure to call her nothing less than good.

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